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2004 - Concert Dates

The Presidents Of The United States Of America (PUSA):

Lineup #1: Chris Ballew (Vocals, Basitar), Dave Dederer (Guitbass, Vocals) and Jason Finn (Drums, Vocals)

Lineup #2: Chris Ballew (Vocals, Basitar), Andrew McKeag (Guitbass, Vocals) and Jason Finn (Drums, Vocals)

2004-02-12 Jimmy Kimmel Live

Lump / Video Killed The Radio Star

Broadcasted songs listed. It's possible that the Presidents played more songs.

Pro-Shot Video
2004-03-03 Jimmy Kimmel Live


Most likely a false date.
2004-03-03 Club Neumoe, Seattle, WA


The Presidents plays a private show at Club Neumoe, Seattle, WA

2004-03-04 Showbox, Seattle, WA


With Smoosh, Schoolyard Heroes


A couple weeks back, when Chop Suey hosted a Dolour show to benefit YouthCare, all you wonderful people showed up with a bunch of hygiene items to donate. But don't think your job is over. The Presidents of the United States of America are playing two shows this week (tonight's bill is all ages, and Friday's show is 21 and over and features DEK and Mountain Con), both benefits for the very worthy YouthCare cause. Once again, YouthCare is asking all showgoers to bring new hygiene items, like socks, toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant, and washcloths. The items will be put to good use in shelters and passed out to homeless teens around the area. And the really cool thing is, if you bring three or more items, your name is entered in a raffle for autographed Presidents swag, like records, CDs, and T-shirts.

2004-03-05 Showbox, Seattle, WA

Poster / Ticket - PUSA / The Presidents Of The USA


with DEK and Mountain Con
2004-03-17 The Vault, Olympia, WA

Kick Out The Jams / Lunatic To Love / Boll Weevil / Poke And Destroy / Naked And Famous / Lump / Dune Buggy / Some Postman Is Grooving / Back Porch / LIP (Little Indian Princess) / Love Everybody/ Feather Pluckin' / Baby You're a Rich Man / Tiki God / Candy / Kitty / Mach 5 / Video Killed The Radio Star / Peaches / Farmer John (w/ MC OuttaSite) / Movie Clip (w/ MC OuttaSite) / Body / We're Not Gonna Make It / Problems (Sex Pistols cover)

Audience Tape
2004-03-20 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR

Ticket / Poster - PUSA / The Presidents Of The USA

Poster - Pusa / Presidents Of the USA - crystal ballroom, portland

Kick Out The Jams / Lunatic To Love / Boll Weevil / Highway Forever / Naked and Famous / Lump / Back Porch / Some Postman / Feather Plukin - Baby Your a Rich Man / Japan / Dune Buggy / Jilted on The Tarmac / Tiki God / Froggy (Drum Solo) / Kitty / Mach 5 / Video Killed The Radio Star / Peaches / Candy / Love Everybody / Body / We're Not Going To Make It - Problems - We're Not Going To Make It

with United States Of Electronica, Anna Oxygen

Audience Tape
2004-04-08 Seattle, WA


2004-04-09 Big Easy Concert House, Spokane, WA


2004-04-10 Big Easy Concert House, Boise, ID


with Exit 51


The Presidents Run For Second Term

"Remember The Presidents of the United States of America? They were the guys who got teenyboppers dancing nearly a decade ago with such hits as "Lump" and "Peaches." Maybe you thought they went AWOL, but they are back and they are going crazy promoting a new album to be released in July.

The Presidents packed the Big Easy on Friday night. Local grunge rockers, Exit 51, started the night by opening for the band. In true Big Easy-style,the show started an hour late and there was a lot of standing around between bands. But when The Presidents jumped on stage they immediately livened the place up.

The Presidents reminded the crowd of their great sense of humor. They told jokes and bounced around the stage like kids who'd missed a dose of Ritalin. There was no dull moment with these guys; they even incorporated Boise into a song about an old man on his porch.

They covered "Video Killed the Radio Star" and had the crowd singing along, but the whole crowd went electric when they began "Peaches."

Throughout the show, the band seemed to be united. They kept eye contact with each other and gave the impression that they were having a good time together as well as with the audience. The drummer, Jason Finn, demonstrated a variety of facial expressions the entire night as he dug into his drum kit. Chris Ballew, the lead singer, had huge leg kicks while Dave Dederer performed a multitude of fun solos on his guitar.

They introduced their new stuff, which sounds much like the style they are known for. It is still that same fun, bouncy technique that we all fell in love with in middle school.

They encored with a song off their new album called "Love Everybody." By the end of the song, one of their guitars ended up in the crowd and all the kids up front were pawing for a chance to get a strum in before the guitarist yanked his instrument back on stage.

The Presidents drew a diverse crowd, from hip teens to older happy-go-lucky listeners and a bunch of twenty-something's in between. The Presidents themselves are no spring chickens, but they had a youthful vibrant presence. They had a lot of energy and still looked pretty young.

The Presidents of the United States of America are back and they are the real deal. They are on a cross-country tour bringing back that carefree sensation that they are most famous for." - Traver Alters and Jen Fusselman

2004-04-18 Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA


2004-05-07 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA

Poster - Young Fresh Fellow (Presidents Of The USA / PUSA) Chris Ballew - Jason Finn - Andrew McKeag

Chris Ballew (photo)

Chris Ballew - Photo - Crocodile Cafe 04

b/w photos by Bradley Hanson -


2004-06-03 Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll, Lansdowne St Stage, Boston, MA

Poster 04 - PUSA / Presidents OF The USA

Kick out the Jams / Boll Weevil / Lunatic To Love / Naked And Famous / Lump / Dune Buggy / Love Everybody / Back Porch / Some Postman / Kitty / Mach 5 / Video Killed The Radio Star (Buggles) / Peaches / We Are Not Going To Make It / Problems (Sex Pistols)

Audience Tape


Juliana Hatfield joins the Violent Femmes, Presidents of the United States of America, the Rapture, the Von Bondies, the Stills, Stellastarr, Elefant, Laguardia, Midtown, the Fire Theft, Just Jack, the Lot Six, Street Dogs, the Unseen, the Explosion, and Runner and the Thermodynamics on the bill for this year’s Phoenix/WFNX Best Music Poll party, Thursday June 3 on Lansdowne Street in Boston. Tickets are $20

2004-06-04 Portland, OR


2004-06-07 Rose Festival, Portland, OR


with SmoochKnob
2004-06-12 Celebrate Fairfax!, Fairfax, VA

Kick Out the Jams / Boll Weevil / Feather Pluckn / Highway Forever / Lunatic to Love / Naked and Famous / Lump / Dune Buggy / Love Everybody / Back Porch / Some Postman / Tiki God / Froggie / Kitty / Mach 5 / Video Killed the Radio Star / Encore: Peaches / Body / We Are Not Going To Make It

"A return afternoon engagement to this county festival with no weather problems this time. I guess this was nearing the end of Dave's term as a full-time member. Before the show, Dave attached several John Kerry For President bumper stickers to his guitar and t-shirt." - Dan H.

with Leah Morgan, Angela Taylor, Cravin' Dogs, Sirsy, Inside Voices, Adrien Reju, Naked Blues, Carbondale, Pat McGee Band, Worry Stones, The Sirens
2004-08-05 Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis, MN


2004-08-06 Royal Oak Music Theatre, Royal Oak, MI


2004-08-07 Funfest - Decatur Celebration, Decatur, IL


Audience Video

Picture Gallery
2004-08-12 The Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis, MN

Soundcheck: Some Postman / Shreds Of Boa

Tiki God / Boll Weevil / Naked and Famous / Highway Forever / Dune Buggy / Some Postman / Love Everybody / Drool At You / Peaches / Zero Friction / Back Porch / Lunatic to Love / Munky River / Lump / Kitty / Video Killed the Radio Star / Feather Pluckn / Gut Feeling - Slap Your Mammy / Kick Out the Jams / Shreds of Boa / We're Not Gonna Make It

First show with Andrew McKeag
2004-08-13 New City YMCA, Chicago, IL


with Modest Mouse, Death Cab For Cutie

2004-08-14 Thunder in Alberni, Port Alberni, British Columbia


with Mouthful of Bees, Mr. 2 Cents, and Breathing Room
2004-08-16 CD Release @ Easy Street Records, Seattle, WA

Peaches / Highway Forever / Some Postman / Video Killed the Radio Star / Dune Buggy / Shreds of Boa / Stranger / Kick Out the Jams / Zero Friction / Kitty / Love Everybody

Audience Tape
2004-08-18 Portland, OR

Boll Weevil / Zero Friction / Kitty / Some Postman / Monkey River / Tiki God / Shreds Of Boa / Dune Buggy / Love Delicatessen / Love Everybody / Problems (Sex Pistols cover)

In-store Performance with autograph session. Show includes a rare performance of Love Delicatessen.

Audience Tape
2004-08-20 Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA


with Vagenius, The Nervous Return

2004-08-22 House Of Blues, Anaheim, CA


with Makeshift Love Affair, and Understated


Photos #1
Photos #2
2004-08-25 9:30 Club, Washington, DC

Back Porch / Tiki God - I Want Candy / Boll Weevil / Some Postman / Kitty / Poke and Destroy / Lump / Munkey River / Naked and Famous / Zero Friction Dune Buggy / Love Everybody / Video Killed The Radio Star (including parts of: Refugee (Tom Petty) - Heartbreaker (Pat Benatar) - -Good Times Roll (The Cars)) / Shreds of Boa / Candy / Drool at You / Peaches / We're Not Gonna Make It / Stranger / Body / Japan / Kick out the Jams / Problem (Sex Pistols)

2004-08-26 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY

Back Porch / Tiki God / Boll Weevil / Some Postman / Kitty / Poke And Destroy / Lump / Monkey River / Naked And Famous / Zero Friction / Dune Bug / Bug City / Love Everybody / Video Killed The Radio Star / Shreds Of Boa / Candy / Drool At You / Peaches / We're Not Gonna Make It / Body / Japan / Kick Out The Jams

2004-08-27 Studio UGO, New York, NY

"Interview" (video) / Some Postman (video) / Lump (video)

2004-09-01 KEXP 90.3 FM, Seattle, WA

Love Everybody / Some Postman / Highway Forever

An acoustic in-studio performance, with all the Presidents (Chris Ballew, Jason Finn & Dave Dedererer)

Show was also webcasted
2004-09-02 Seattle, WA


2004-09-03 Bumbershoot, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

Poster - PUSA / Presidents Of The USA - Bumbershoot festival

PUSA - Bumbershoot 2004

The Presidents of the USA - Bumbershoot festival 2004

Presidents of the USA - Bumbershoot 2004

Tiki God / Boll Weevil / Some Postman / Kitty / Highway Forever / Lump / Munky River / Naked and Famous / Zero Friction / Back Porch / Poke and Destroy / Dune Buggy / Love Everybody / Video Killed the Radio Star / Shreds of Boa / Candy / Mach 5 / Peaches / We're Not Gonna Make It / Stranger / Drool At You / Body / Kick Out the Jams (with "Shout")

2004-09-04 Live 105 FM show, Oakland Art and Soul Festival, Oakland, CA


with Los Lobos, Chris Robinson, Norman Brown, Tony! Toni! Toné!
2004-09-05 Virgin Megastore, San Francisco, CA


2004-09-09 Headliners, Toledo, OH

Body / Boll Weevil / Candy / Dune Buggy / Kick Out The Jams / Kitty / Lump / Naked and Famous / Were Not Gonna Make It / Back Porch / Peaches / Lunatic To Love / Tiki God / Video Killed The Radio Star / Drool At You / Highway Forever / Love Everybody / Munky River / Shreds Of Boa / Some Postman / Zero Friction

Setlist not in correct playing order.
2004-09-10 The Hurricane, Kansas City, KS

Soundcheck: Poke and Destroy / Body

Boll Weevil / Back Porch / Some Postman / Tiki God / Lunatic To Love / Kitty / Zero Friction / Stranger / Dune Buggy / Shreds Of Boa / Naked And Famous / Lump / Munky River / Love Everybody / Peaches

2004-09-18 Edgefest 103.9FM, Peoria Sports Complex, Peoria, AZ


Edgefest 103.9FM

2004-09-19 Six Flags, Sacramento, CA


2004-09-25 Endfest , Seattle, WA


Endfest 13

with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Franz Ferdinand, X, Violent Femmes, Psychedelic Furs, Echo & the Bunnymen, Metric, Muse, Lashes, Super Deluxe, Idiot Pilot, Schoolyard Heroes, U.S.E. and Leuko
2004-09-29 Endfest, Seattle, WA

Boll Weevil / Lunatic to Love / Kitty / Highway Forever (with real harmonica solo) / Naked and Famous (127 times!) / Some Postman / Back Porch / Love Everybody / Lump / Zero Friction / Dune Buggy / Shreds of Boa / Video Killed the Radio Star - "I Wanna Be Sedated" -"You Be Illin'"- an AC/DC song / Peaches / We're Not Gonna Make It (with "Ace of Spades") / Kick Out the Jams / Stranger / Mach 5 / Problems (Sex Pistols cover)

2004-10-06 Dave Glicker's - The Downtown, Farmingdale, NY



Many have pointed to the mid-'90s as the beginning of the end for the alt-rock movement. In the wake of Kurt Cobain's suicide, record labels scurried to reign in and homogenize/neuter the style, leaving only a bunch of bands that look and sound exactly the same. Before the "Darth Vader era" dawned upon the style, however, quite a few quirky acts slipped by and scored hits. One such group was Presidents of the United States of America. Like the wave that had just turned rock 'n' roll upside down, the trio hailed from Seattle. And while they appeared to be influenced by the same garage rock and proto-punk outfits as their predecessors, the Presidents proved to be as unconventional as their guitarists, Chris Ballew and Dave Dederer. Both played instruments that were missing several strings, sounding at times like they were playing heavily distorted basses.

On the strength of a pair of catchy, idiosyncratic ditties from their self-titled debut — "Lump" and "Peaches" — PUSA became the unlikely alt-rock success story of 1995, and it appeared as though the band could even go on to slay the Bushes and Hooties of the world. Sadly, this didn't happen. The threesome lasted only long enough to release two more albums that failed to match the success of its debut, before splitting in 1998. To the delight of PUSA's following, the split didn't last long. The Presidents reunited in 2000 for their fourth release overall, Freaked Out And Small, and have returned this year with another new studio offering, Love Everybody.

But before the Presidents could go on, several warm-up acts did their thing, the best of the bunch being local Long Island heroes Mainline ( Since playing the same venue several months ago (opening for the Psychedelic Furs), Mainline has slimmed down from a quintet to a quartet. Even so, the group's Dandy Warhols meets Guns N' Roses sound remains as vibrant as ever, evidenced by fresh tracks like "Brand New Car" and old favorites such as "You Are." With just about every young rock band getting a record deal nowadays, it's surprising that these chaps haven't been snapped up yet.

With the crowd swelling to its peak, it was easy to tell that the Presidents' return to New York wasn't far off. Interestingly, the crowd's age was mostly quite young, which left you wondering: how do so many youngsters know about this band? Was it an older brother/sister's copy of Presidents Of The United States Of America that left a permanent mark on their brains all these years? Whatever the case, the crowd grew ecstatic when PUSA launched into a cover of the MC5's barnstorming classic, "Kick Out The Jams."

With longtime member Dederer sitting out a few dates on this tour for family reasons, newcomer Andrew McKeag did a fine job filling in and kept the group sounding as rough 'n' rocking as ever. As could be expected after a few years on the road, the band looks a bit different — the long curly locks drummer Jason Finn sported a decade earlier have been shorn off, for example. Ballew, meanwhile, was dressed in a plain white t-shirt and looked basically the same (if any cast members of "Queer Eye" are reading this, I'll complete the group's fashion critique: McKeag sported an Urge Overkill tee).

No one in the house could have possibly been disappointed with the group's setlist, a balancing act of old cuts ("Back Porch," "Boll Weevil"), new tunes (the latest album's title track), and the expected PUSA classics ("Lump," "Peaches"). Showing that the outfit's sense of humor hasn't dissipated either, Ballew threw out such amusing requests as, "If you have hair, headbang!" He also invited a pair of female fans onstage to supply backing vox for PUSA's rendition of "Kitty" and ended one song by declaring that they would blast the same note in unison 81 times! (Of course, they happily delivered.) Trends may come and go, but the Presidents remain as goofy as ever. Their fans wouldn't have it any other way.

Review by Greg Prato
2004-10-08 Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA


2004-10-09 Northern Lights, Clifton Park,  NY


2004-10-10 The Call, Providence, RI


2004-10-12 Crowbar State College, PA


2004-10-14 Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ


2004-10-15 Crash Mansion, New York, NY


with DeVotchKa
2004-10-16 William & Mary College, Williamsburg, VA


with SeepeopleS
2004-10-28 Washington State University, CUB Ballroom , Pullman, WA


Presidents of the United States of America with Lila, De La Vega
2004-11-03 Last Call with Carson Daly


Last Call with Carson Daly

Journalist Anderson Cooper; comic Greg Giraldo; the Presidents of the United States of America perform.


The Presidents of the United States are about to invade "Last Call with Carson Daly" for a five-day run. On Wednesday, November 3 they will be the featured musical guest, and will continue as the show's house band through November 9. The band will be performing in support of their critically acclaimed new album, "Love Everybody" (PUSA Music).

2004-11-04 Last Call with Carson Daly


Last Call with Carson Daly

2004-11-05 Last Call with Carson Daly


Last Call with Carson Daly
2004-11-07 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR


2004-11-09 Last Call with Carson Daly


Last Call with Carson Daly

Actress Doris Roberts; musician Tommy Lee; musician Ray Lamontagne; the Presidents of the United States of America perform.
2004-11-10 Last Call with Carson Daly


Last Call with Carson Daly

Rapper Jay-Z; Everclear; the Presidents of the United States of America perform.
2004-11-11 Last Call with Carson Daly


Last Call with Carson Daly

Actor Jerry O'Connell; comic Kevin Brennan; the Hives perform; the Presidents of the United States of America perform.
2004-11-12 Last Call with Carson Daly


Last Call with Carson Daly

Actress Vanessa Marcil; comic Mike Birbiglia; TV personality Stuart Scott; the Presidents of the United States of America perform.
2004-11-12 The Independent, San Francisco, CA


with Devotchka, Io
2004-11-13 In The Venue, Salt Lake City, UT


2004-11-18 Colonial Center, Columbia, SC


2004-11-30 Providence, RI

2004-12-01 Birginham, AL


2004-12-03 Tallahassee, FL


2004-12-04 Buzz Bake Sale, West Palm Beach, FL


with Lit, Taking Back Sunday, The Explosion, One, Muse, Lostprophets, Sevendust, Kottonmouth Kings, The Music, Story of the Year, Nonpoint, Skindred, New Found Glory, The Used, and Korn.


This venue rocked the amphitheatre! While walking in I heard Kottonmouth Kings, but the first band I saw, on Saturday Dec 4, 2004, was Presidents of The USA. It was the second stage with G/A and they rocked the house and I had an awesome time. Holly and I found a blunt someone had dropped during the band before and I tossed it to the crowd. POTUSA opened with a song about hawaii, not the volcano song, and they also played a whole bunch off their old cd like: Kitty (they pulled some hot fans on stage to sing the meow part), Lump, Boll Weevil, Peaches, Dune Buggy, Back Porch, We are not gonna make it, and i think 2 other songs I didnt know. I was only a little upset that they didn't play Feather Pluckin.

Regardless, after their show I went around back to the spill out and got them to sign my cd cover!!! It was so great, and it made out for the missing song. Young girls were making out with all the members, it was gross those guys are around 40 haha. They all thought it was cool that I was the only one there with the cd insert, the lead singer told me to get the reissue of the same album. So in a week or two I will. I also met a fellow LPUer at the concert, she told me I looked like Ian from lostprophets. We talked for a while, her LPU name was shinizzlelover or something like it, and she took a picture of me and my g/f. -Nathan Valentine

2004-12-08 Seattle, WA


2004-12-09 Showbox, Seattle, WA


2004-12-10 Showbox, Seattle, WA


with Slender Means, Mountain Con
2004-12-11 Showbox, Seattle, WA

Boll Weevil / Kitty / Highway Forever / Volcano / Dune Buggy / Zero Friction / Naked and Famous / Lump / Froggie / Love Everybody / Back Porch / Some Postman / Puffy Little Shoes / Drool At You / Video Killed the Radio Star - "I Wanna Be Sedated"- "Let the Good Times Roll" - "Don't You Want Me Baby" / 5,500 Miles / Peaches / Kick Out the Jams / Jennifer's Jacket / Tiki God / Stranger / Shreds of Boa / [insert a Subset/Feelings Hijackers song with Mike "Outtasite" Singleton here] / We're Not Gonna Make It

With Visqueen, Smoosh