Seattle Weekly – “Chris Ballew’s Back With Caspar Babypants”

Caspar Babypants gets more press coverage, and this time on Seattle Weekly: “Because the PUSA frontman doesn’t have enough side projects.“.

Features some really really interesting details about Here I Am sale figures. It has already sold GOLD! Hah…not really, but it should. 🙂

While sales figures for Here I Am aren’t exactly soaring (he estimates he’s sold 197 physical copies and 28 downloads from the site), he’s not worried about that.

Seriously…How is that possible? 197? CD that is filled with great music, it’s cheap (not only that, it has free shipping, even worldwide!), and features personalized autograph. It really got me thinking… Is there a channel for kids/babies music? Does music for kids/babies ever get reviews on “serious” music magazines? How many parents buy music from a supermarket? and possibly grab the cheapest album that says: “kids”, and not really paying attention to what they are buying? I really hate the today’s fast pace of living, and i think it shows up on everything.

“Ultimately I would love to have a label involved, but for now I am really interested in the slow-building approach of letting the music do the talking and watching what happens.”

I hope this mouth-to-mouth selling works well…

I’m really waiting the Caspar Babypants “Beatles collection”. I don’t really like the Beatles, but i like like those Beatles type of songs, that
Chris and Tad and Giraffes albums has.

If you don’t have the Caspar Babypants album. Buy it from the Babypants Music