Top 5 – YouTube PUSA Covers

There must be close to hundred PUSA (Presidents of the USA) covers on YouTube and here is my top 5:

1. Back Porch – Hormonés

This is done by a Finnish band called Hormonés. All i can say is that these girls can play, and this rootsy acoustic version fits perfectly to this song. Also big thumps up for picking up a song that is not very often covered. Even the “back porch rap” is included, and it’s not easy to do, even if you are a native English speaker.

2. Mach 5 – Ryan P. Sutton

So I bought this little guitar for my son and who ends up using it? Moi. Just wanted to do something silly and fun. Life’s been way to serious lately. Plus I like the dichotomy of ROCKIN OUT on an itty bitty guitar. It really is a kickin song! Go get it if you’ve never heard it

If PUSA plays with “funny instruments”, I’d say playing up Mach 5 with a small guitar fits perfectly to the same category. Really impressive cover, and clearly Ryan is having some serious fun playing this one.

3. Naked and Famous – Mike Rosewood

sunday morning song before breakfast and the sun shining . happy days !

Not what you would expect from a guy that is looking a bit dangerous… Great soft acoustic version of Naked And Famous, and to me that British accent just adds more feeling to it…

4. Some Postman – Remancholia

Too bad there is some sound problems, but this is excellent version of Some Postman. I wonder why no commenting is allowed? There is nothing to be shamed about this performance.

5. Last Girl On Earth (live) – Shréé! alias Pulius Tibi Dead Band

OK. This has to be on the list. Maybe the English is not perfect, but the song choice and attitude gets this cover to the top 5.

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