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Found this interesting (couple mistakes) review about PUSA vising KUCI 88.9. Anyone have date on this one?

The Presidents of the United States of America by Jeanie-aka-Barb

The Presidents of the United States of America (Dave Dederer of Beck, Chris Belew of Supergroup, and Jason Finn of Love Battery) are getting pretty popular these days. But back when they were just an unknown band with three members, five strings, and a lot of quirky songs about spiders and frogs, KUCI was playing tracks off their self- titled debut album. And on one muggy summer night, the Presidents drove down to the station to personally show their appreciation by playing a live performance over the air on Chowderhead s Slow to Boil.

The Presidents, who had just finished up a gig at a hot-dog stand in Los Angeles, got a little lost on their journey to glorious Irvine. Their pizza ended up arriving before they did, and all I can say is that it was very delicious. The self-proclaimed chief executives of indie-rock finally found us, though, forgoing the remnants of their pizza to jump right into an excellent, albeit short, set. They played several tracks off their album, including Peaches, Dune Buggy, and Feather Pluckn. Dave and Chris jumped up and down, playing the heck out of those five strings (two on the basitar, three on the guitbass), while Jason thumped on an old suit-case for a kick-drum. On a song called Puffy Little Shoes they improvised about the heat and the KUCI conference room in which they were playing, singing condensation drippin on your dial, we re here rockin with fluorescent smiles.

Sure, they re getting a lot of mainstream airplay elsewhere, now. The Presidents of the United States of America still rock, and we were proud to have them live on the air. And besides … they brought food.

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edit: I did send an email to KUCI, and hopefully i get some sort of reply, but we’ll see.