Caspar Babypants (Chris Ballew) – More Please!

New album More Please! will be out November 17th December 1st November 17th.

Caspar Babypants: MORE PLEASE!

Caspar Babypants - More Please

01 Itsy Bitsy Spider

02 Dog Gone Gone Dog Gone

03 Run Baby Run

04 Robin On A Wire

05 Bold Little Bird

06 Take The Sun

07 Im A Nut

08 Nine Ninety Nine

09 Rocks And Flowers

10 Mary Had A Little Lamb

11 Ramshackle

12 Dust Mite

13 Cotton Eyed Joe

14 Light It Up

15 Fuzzy Wuzzy

16 I Made Up My Mind

17 Looking Up

18 Sittin On This Rock

19 Little Ghost

20 Spiders Lullaby

Song stories for the album MORE PLEASE! (scroll down)

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