Pusabase.com – New Features!

Added couple of new interesting features:

1) Recordings section now has a list of known unofficial PUSA live recordings. (NO, I don’t have any of those shows listed as uncirculating, and I wish I had!). Video list to follow.

2) YouTube-channel launched. I will upload new videos from time to time. I need to get some DVD’s. 🙂
It’s now also possible to upload your videos to pusabase.com, and get them enchanted! (stabilized, sharpened, color corrected, upscaled to HD, and audio remastered etc…)

3) Front page now has a list of upcoming shows. In case you have missed it. 🙂

+ I’ve added some “silent” updates to the site on last two months, and some shows between 1995-2010 got their details updated.


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