Pusabase.com updated – Big one!

Alrighteous. I didn’t really expect to make an update this soon, but as the Dude said “new shit has come to light!”.

– Pretty much all the pages got revisited.
– New concerts added to various years.
– Fixed false shows
– New venue details, posters, photos, setlists, corrections etc..
– Bandography details edited
– Songography pages edited

Once again thanks to all submitters!

I’m an Internet Archaeologist. Pusabase.com is a fine example how it works. 🙂

There are still tons of stuff waiting to be added. I’m gonna keep adding more videos, and after that maybe some MP3’s!?

If you have some DVD concerts (or pretty much any digital format) & VHS videos (PAL). Please let me know.

This picture is here only to add coolness:

Photo from old presidentsrock.com