Story Of The Three Strings by Dave Dederer

This is way too funny:

Studebaker: Can you tell me who came up with the unique guitar you guys have (3 strings or whatever it is)

Dave Dederer: Ted Nugent.

Studebaker: this sounds like a great story…do tell?

Dave Dederer: He and I were bowhunting lions on the Serengeti. One night we were sleeping out in the open and a pride of lions startled to circle our camp and then walk amongst us spread out in our sleeping bags. The alpha male in the group started to paw and sniff Ted. Our weapons were in the vehicle, but my guitar was nearby. I ripped off three strings as quick as you can say Jack Robinson, fashioned them into an impromptu garrotte and choked the lion to death. Ted was fine, other than a mild case of cat scratch fever. And I’ve been playing with three strings ever since.


Oh, and here is few videos from few days back I forgot to blog about:

Presidents Of The USA – Highway Forever (Fridays) – 2005:

Presidents Of the USA (PUSA) – 2010-02-13 L.I.P (Little Indian Princess):

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