PUSA – 1995-03-03 – Satyricon, Portland, OR (audio TORRENT)

Yes! New show from 1995! What a gem! 🙂

The Presidents of the United States of America
Portland, OR

Sony WM-D3 w/stock mic > TDK SA-100

Nakamichi CR-1A > Mac G4 > Peak (bumped gain on left channel) > flac > you

Previously uncirculated master

“It’s nice to be in Portland, but it’s more in Portland to be nice”

My 3rd time seeing them in that year (The other recordings are in circulation). It was their second time in Portland that I knew of and it was at Satyricon! With Dave Grohl’s new band?!? Bonus! The Prez made the most of the very packed house. It was a wicked fun 35 minutes. A wicked fun night.

This was a benefit for the Viva Zapata fund to find the killer of Mia Zapata of the Gits who was brutally murdered in Seattle a couple years prior to this. Fortunately her killer was caught through DNA matching 10 years later and is locked away for 36 years. This is the companion recording to the Foo Fighters set, also in circulation.

01 Kick Out the Jams
02 Kitteh
03 Video Killed the Radio Star
04 Little Indian Princess
05 Feather Pluckin
06 Bug City
07 Lump
08 Stranger
09 Puffy Little Shoes
10 Peaches
11 Naked and Famous

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