Andrew McKeag – New Band Alert! – Kasey Anderson and the Honkies

Our latest President can be heard on the upcoming Kasey Anderson and the Honkies album “Heart Of A Dog”.

Kasey Anderson and the Honkies are:

Kasey Anderson – Vocals, Guitar
Andrew McKeag – Guitar, Vocals
Sean Cornin – Bass
Julian MacDonough – Drums

Heart Of A Dog:

Kasey Anderson and the Honkies - Heart Of A Dog (featuring Andrew McKeag from PUSA)

Side A
1. The Wrong Light
2. Mercy
3. Exit Ghost
4. Your Side of Town
5. Sirens and Thunder

Side B
1. Kasey Anderson’s Dream
2. My Blues, My Love
3. My Baby’s a Wrecking Ball
4. Revisionist History Blues
5. For Anyone
6. Save It for Later

New songs are up every friday at

For the majority of the last eight months, I’ve been on tour, in some city that wasn’t my home. Occasionally, I would have three or four consecutive days in my own bed. On those days, some friends (Andrew McKeag, Julian MacDonough, and Sean Cronin) and I would meet up at Jordan Richter’s studio here in Portland (conveniently located ten blocks from my apartment) and work on some tunes. At some point, it became clear that those tunes were going to be a record. Heart of a Dog is that record. Every Friday for the next 11 weeks (October 1 – December 10), I’ll post a song from that record at

Read rest of the press material here.

Pusabase has sent few questions to Andrew McKeag (PUSA), and let’s see if we get a reply. Stay tuned 🙂

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