Collecting Material For The Next Update. (Presidents Of The USA / PUSA and related)

There haven’t been many updates lately. That is because I’m currently collecting more material for the next update. I have nice amount of material waiting to be added (thanks all!), but I’m always looking for more…

How Can I Help?

Photos: Any photos from any era, and any band featuring:

Chris Ballew: Creepy Stick, Asleep Standing, The Dukes O’Pop, EGG, Balls, Supergroup, Supergroup, Go!, Dynamic Duo, The Lo-Fis, Pure Frosting, PUSA, Beck, Caspar And Mollusk, Chris and Tad, The Giraffes, SUbSET, The Tycoons, The Quitters, The Feelings Hijackers, The Iconics, Caspar Babypants….

Dave Dederer: Sandino And The Leftists, The Big Heads of Pluturnus, Marie Delaney’s Midnight Caravan, The Dukes O’Pop, Go!, Dynamic Duo, The Lo-Fis, Pure Frosting, P.U.S.A, The Cowboys, The Quitters, SUbSET, Juke, The Gentlemen (The Uptights), Carrie and Dave, The Iconics…

Jason Finn: Bad Credit, Paisley Sin, Vexed, Skin Yard, H-Hour, Helios creed, Love Battery, Icky Joey, The Presidents Of The United States Of America, Fastbacks, 70 Proof, The Minus Five, Congratulators, The Quitters, SUbSET, The Nevada Bachelors…

Andrew McKeag: Liquid Sunshine, Charosmith, Uncle Joe’s Big Ol’ Driver, 70 Proof, Huge Spacebird, Shuggie, Black Panties, Purty Mouth, The Fixers, Jon Langford and The Sexy, The Presidents Of The USA, The Iconics, Suck Machine, Hard Roller, Kasey Anderson and the Honkies…

Pre-PUSA details: did you see them before the PUSA fame? Remember to check out 1975-1992 concert details!

Videos: VHS (PAL), DVD, Digital Camera video files (complete songs).

Tapes: Did you tape any of the old shows. I’m happy to transfers them to digital format (CD/FLAC/MP3), and send them back to you, and get extra shows from my list!

Setlist: It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the whole setlist. If you only remember song or two, someone else might have the missing puzzles.

Posters/Tickets/Backstage Passes: Scans and photos. Too many still missing!

Lyrics: There are still plenty of side projects and some PUSA songs missing lyrics.

Other: Any other detail you fill…



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