Presidential news recap

Chris Ballew went “Unplugged” earlier this year, and his drawing about it turned into a t-shirt:

Now you can buy the t-shirt via Phil Franklin’s (old band mate from EGG days) Etsy Store at:

I went Unplugged last weekend myself, and I was offline for 3-4 days and all that “computer tension” from my shoulders went away, world did not stop spinning, and Facebook did not miss me.

Caspar Babypants was recently interviewed by Sarah Waller (KUOW FM)

In 1996, Kirkland native Chris Ballew was making it big in music. His band, The Presidents of the United States of America, was touring the world. His new album was racking up Grammy nominations. Even Madonna was trying to sign PUSA to her record label. But, once in the limelight, Chris began to question whether he was on the right path. He tells KUOW’s Sarah Waller how a song about a worm and a tune his mother used to sing helped him find a new voice.

You can listen and download the broadcast over website

Rare song alert: The Worm and the Monkey (demo) can be heard in background. Cool stuff.

Caspar Babypants played at High Point Community Center last week, and check out for a review. Including video, photos, and there is even a comment from Caspar Babypants himself (World tour?)

Some PUSA Twitter news:

Jasonfinn: There are gigs next month, so we just tried one of these “practices” the young people talk about so much. (Jan 14th)

therealpusa: There’s no way The Presidents would ever play Zappa’s “Big Leg Emma” at rehearsal… and yet… we JUST did! (Jan 13th)

I wonder what suprises PUSAfest 2011 will have…It’s only one month away. 🙂

Andrew McKeag is part of the Kasey Anderson & The Honkies touring band. Touring details can be found at

Kasey Anderson and The Honkies will be touring this spring behind Heart of a Dog. Kasey Anderson – mouth, guitar | Andrew McKeag – guitar, mouth | Eric Corson – bass | Mike Musburger – drums

Believe it or not, but this site does not write it self. 🙂

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