Pusafest 2011 photos & review

I have waited Back Beat Seattle to cover the Pusafest 11 shows (they always have nice reviews and photos from many Seattle shows), and they finally have their review up from Pusafest 2011. Notice setlist photos. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chris Ballew, Andrew McKeag and Jason Finn took the stage ready to blow the roof off the joint. As the set went on it became more and more apparent that a 5-year-old hyperactive child is trapped inside Ballewโ€™s body

Read rest at Show Review & Photos: the Presidents of the United States of America @ the Showbox, Market โ€“ Night 2

They also have photos up from night 3:

Photos: The Presidents of the United States of America @ the Showbox Market โ€“ Night 3

Can’t wait for Pusafest 2012!

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