I Can’t Stop Catchin’ ‘Em All – Lyrics

Lyrics to new Pokemon Black and White theme:

Here is my take on the new “pokemon rap” lyrics. It wasn’t the easiest task. 🙂

The Presidents Of The United States Of America -I Can’t Stop (Catchin’ ‘Em All)

Alomomola is caring and sweet,
Axew attacks with tusk and teeth,
Cofagrigus is go-go ghosty,
Darmanitan is so, so toasty,
Basculin comes in red and blue,
Blitzle is electric and cute,
Audino can hear everything,
Deerling goes with a seasonal thing,
Drilbur has a couple of digger paws,
Fraxure has a powerful jaw,
Munna gets inside your dreams,
Liepard is little, dark and mean,
Servine lives out in the weeds,
Samurott’s sword is strong indeed,
Zoroark is crafty and dark,
Gigalith is dense like rock.

I Can’t Stop (Catchin’ ‘Em All) x 8

Lillipup is little and brown,
Excadrill digs underground,
Pansage love the green, green grass,
Musharna loves to nap,
Snivy is so green and bright,
Minccino is fuzzy and white,
Watchog watches out for stuff,
Woobat is a psychic puff,
Swanna is pure white and flies,
Sawsbuck changes over time,
Pignite burns so strong and bright,
Reshiram is enormous and white,
Zekrom is so black and huge,
Victini wins it all for you,
Panpour likes to splash and spray,
Braviary is not afraid,
Zorua is a little bit tricky,
Reuniclus is good at thinking,
Emboar burns hot as the sun,
Oshawott can slice and cut,
Patrat is looking out for you,
Dewott is watery blue,
Pidove, such a tiny bird,
Pansear burns and burns and burns.

I Can’t Stop (Catchin’ ‘Em All) x 8

Klink is pair of metal gears,
Yamask is a ghost to fear,
Sandile loves the desert sun,
Galvantula, electric bug,
Purrloin, sneaky and devious,
Herdier, loyal friend to us,
Tepig is a hot little spark,
Gothitelle is black and dark,
Haxorus is green and bright,
Sewaddle can stitch it up tight.

I Can’t Stop (Catchin’ ‘Em All) x 8

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