4 New Caspar Babypants Videos

Four new Caspar Babypants videos appeared online today:

Caspar Babypants – Funny Bone

“The amazing REEDEEZ did this video for me of the funny silly song Funny Bone. I contributed the drawings and Michael at Reedeez did the rest! Love the energy and brightness AND you get to start to learn to read or reinforce your emerging skills. ”

Caspar Babypants – Baby Cloud

Animation by Piper O’Neill

“Piper O’Neill made this super spooky magical excellent video for the mellow last song on SING ALONG! called Baby Cloud. She captured the vibe of the music so perfectly with those circus animals and dreamy images”

Bunny Rabbit In The Sunlight (book preview)

Preview of the “Bunny Rabbit In The Sunlight” book by Caspar Babypants & Kate Endle.

My Woodland Wish (book preview)

Preview of the “My Woodland Wish” book by Caspar Babypants & Kate Endle.

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