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Top 5 – YouTube PUSA Covers

There must be close to hundred PUSA (Presidents of the USA) covers on YouTube and here is my top 5: 1. Back Porch – Hormonés This is done by a Finnish band called Hormonés. All i can say is that these girls can play, and this rootsy acoustic version fits perfectly to this song. Also

It’s finally here…

…something that was more waited than GNR’s Chinese Democracy. I’m talking about Neil Young Archives, Vol. 1: 1963-1972 Oh yes…I want the blu-ray edition. I better start saving up for x-mas. 🙂 Now we need to get Mr. Ballew to do same sort of archives project.

Free Sub Pop Sampler

I think this is worth mention (although it doesn’t have much to with PUSA) Sub Pop is giving out this free MP3 sampler: Sub Pop Cybersex Digital Sampler (2009) I really like the ASCII graphics. PUSAbase has similar art too…but not as “flashy” 90’s style as the Sub Pop Site…HAHA!