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4 New Caspar Babypants Videos

Four new Caspar Babypants videos appeared online today: Caspar Babypants – Funny Bone “The amazing REEDEEZ did this video for me of the funny silly song Funny Bone. I contributed the drawings and Michael at Reedeez did the rest! Love the energy and brightness AND you get to start to learn to read or reinforce

Caspar Babypants & Conan O’Brien

Hah! This is way too cool news to pass by. Conan O’Brien (Coco) and his family was watching the Caspar Babypants show at the Hiawatha Park yesterday! Some photos & videos from the show. “Chris Ballew: someone from the group that put it on said there were 1,400 people there!! wowsers…loved it!” BTW. Does anyone