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New Video From The Feelings Hijackers – In My Skin (Chris Ballew & Outtasite)

The Feelings Hijackers – In My Skin (Video) The Feelings Hijackers just released a new video “In My Skin”, which was released on their SupeRecord album last year. The Feelings Hijackers are Chris Ballew (Presidents of the USA, Caspar Babypants, Subset…), and Outtasite (Subset, Sir Mix-A-Lot). They have released two videos previously; Goodbye Sunny and

PUSA Videos + Interviews + Covers

Some missed Presidents of the USA videos It’s been a while since I have searched for new PUSA videos, and here are some old and new videos you might have missed. Presidents of the USA – 1997 Recovery (Tiki God & Interview) “Recovery was a music and youth interests television series broadcast by ABC TV

Caspar Babypants – Hot Dog! Cover art

Caspar Babypant – Hot Dog! Cover Art Revealed Chris Ballew has been busy making the upcoming Caspar Babypants album called Hot Dog! Cover art for the Hot Dog! album was posted today on Facebook. Pink! 🙂 Release date: April 17, 2012 “Caspar Babypants: Thanks for the feedback all! It comes out 4/17/12 but will be