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I Can’t Stop Catchin’ ‘Em All – Lyrics

Lyrics to new Pokemon Black and White theme: Here is my take on the new “pokemon rap” lyrics. It wasn’t the easiest task. 🙂 The Presidents Of The United States Of America -I Can’t Stop (Catchin’ ‘Em All) Alomomola is caring and sweet, Axew attacks with tusk and teeth, Cofagrigus is go-go ghosty, Darmanitan is

Love Delicatessen – The Pusabase Xmas update

Long time no update. – Hundreds of new concert details, including posters, setlists, tickets, pics, reviews…etc – Dozens of new concert dates – Recording details for self titled & II album sessions (New feature) – Official video list (New feature) – New “fancy” graphics. – Songography updates. Now with the Giraffes and Chris & Tad