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The Feelings Hijackers on Much Music & MTV

The Feelings Hijackers (Chris Ballew & Outtasite) video Soul Rollin’ is getting some recognition on MTV & Much Music sites. TFH on MTV. TFH on Much Music Believe it or not, but this site does not write it self. 🙂 Support pusabase and buy your health products from iHerb.com, and get a 5 dollar discount

Kitty video from MTV’s Carved In Rock Special

The Presidents of the USA – Kitty (Live) 1996-02-17 – MTV Carved in Rock, Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota Chris Ballew (Vocals, Basitar), Dave Dederer (Guitbass, Vocals) / Jason Finn (Drums) Carved in Rock MTV special was aired on President’s Day Feb. 19, 1996 Video details: Taken from 5 song PUSA VHS promo reel. Too bad