Kitty video from MTV’s Carved In Rock Special

The Presidents of the USA – Kitty (Live)

1996-02-17 – MTV Carved in Rock, Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

Chris Ballew (Vocals, Basitar), Dave Dederer (Guitbass, Vocals) / Jason Finn (Drums)

Carved in Rock MTV special was aired on President’s Day Feb. 19, 1996

Video details:

Taken from 5 song PUSA VHS promo reel. Too bad this is the only live performance on that VHS. Others are official music videos (Peaches, Lump, Mach5 and Dune Buggy). Anyone have the complete MTV Carved In Rock special on VHS? (PAL format)

Edited to 1080p in Sony Movie Studio HD 10 suite. Captured on a standalone DVD player using XP mode (using hq Akai VHS deck).


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