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Spotify released in the USA

Spotify – The best thing since the Internet Finally my friends in US can enjoy Spotify. The Best f-cking service since the Internet. I haven’t listened to CDs or MP3’s since the late 2008. If this music service ever goes down…I honestly don’t know how I can revert back to “MP3 days”. 🙂 Spotify is

Chris Ballew – Run World Run

Run World Run (Brooks commercial) – Music by Chris Ballew Latest version of Spotify added various tunes from my HD to Spotify library, and this song was one of them. I had totally forgot how catchy this tune is. Animation is also great. One of those commercials I’d watch from TV every time…. “Brooks Running”

TFH – SupeRecord now on Spotify

I added my request about adding new The Feelings Hijackers album SupeRecord on Monday (Jan. 31) and it got added today to Spotify’s selection! Spotify album link Visit Spotify.com “What countries is Spotify available in? Spotify is currently available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands. We hope to launch in