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How to get your music on services like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.? Check out Record Union – Use my A&R code and get FREE promotion!

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If you are wondering how to get your music for sale. Here’s how:

You don’t need a record label to get your music available on digital media services like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play…just to name a few.

You can join service like Record Union (digital distribution service), which will sell your music on your behalf. Yes, they take a minor cut by doing so, but it’s pretty much the best deal there is. Record Union has a really low starting cost, and best of all…

When you use my Record Union A&R code: 81F2a8868e – You’ll get 2 FREE UPC codes! Every release requires an UPC code, and some services ask high price for those (CD Baby asks $20.00 for each code!).

That’s not all! When your music is available on Spotify. Just send me a message, and I will promote your music for free (only if you use my A&R code!). Promotion package is worth well over 100 dollars!

You can follow your success on Record Union’s site. They also have a great  Spotify tool, called Spotify Trends.

Registering to Record Union site is free. Just remember to add the A&R coupon 81F2a8868e while you join. You can’t add it later!

Distributes your music to iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Wimp, Rdio, Nokia OVI, Beatport, Google Play, Simfy, Rdio, 7Digital, CDON, 24/7 Portals, Rhapsody, eMusic, VIdzone Portal…

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