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Kitty video from MTV’s Carved In Rock Special

The Presidents of the USA – Kitty (Live) 1996-02-17 – MTV Carved in Rock, Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota Chris Ballew (Vocals, Basitar), Dave Dederer (Guitbass, Vocals) / Jason Finn (Drums) Carved in Rock MTV special was aired on President’s Day Feb. 19, 1996 Video details: Taken from 5 song PUSA VHS promo reel. Too bad

Videos: PUSA, Chris Ballew, Andrew McKeag and Elvis

Videos from 7th Annual Elvis Birthday Tribute are online. Featuring the Roy Kay Combo with various guests. Including Chris Ballew and Andrew McKeag from the Presidents Of The USA. 7th Annual Elvis Birthday Tribute, Friday, January 7, 9:30pm, Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA Chris Ballew – I Got A Woman: Another fine example why Chris is

Presidents with a big announcement?

1077TheEnd: The Presidents of the USA will be in studio at 11:40a (10 minutes) with a big announcement!! source: Twitter PUSAfest news? I’m pretty sure I’ve read about Xmas song practice, but maybe it was about the video seen on previous blog post? Believe it or not, but this site does not write it self.