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Torrent – 2010-08-28 Skokie’s Backlot Bash Skokie, IL, USA

Incomplete tape of this show is available on Dimeadozen.org (registration needed) or bt.etree.org (no registration needed) 🙂 Details: The Presidents Of The United States Of America 2010-08-28 Skokie’s Backlot Bash Skokie, IL, USA Taper Jon G. Location See included diagram. Lineage/Source (1)(From taper) > Church Audio CA-14 Cardioid (DINa via hat-mount) > Church Audio CA-9100

Uncirculated video from 1995 NYE

1995-12-31 -Moe Roc’n Cafe, Seattle, WA Good to hear that the original taper is still working on this: (mailed him about this 6 months ago) “I have my master of their shows @ MOE’s in Seattle, Holidaze ’95/’96 (a secret little midday/midweek show taped for Dick Clark’s New Yrs Rockin Eve + their honest New

PUSA – 08/31/08 – moe.down 9 – Torrent

Another source tape from this fine show is now available on bt.etree.org. The Presidents of The United States of America – August 31, 2008 Main Stage – Snow Ridge, Turin, NY moe.down 9 Source: Schoeps mk4 > actives > Nbox+ > Edirol R-09(24/48) > SDHC Transfer: SDHC > USB > Wavelab 5.0a(Fades/+5.4dB Gain/Resampler 192/UV22HR Dither)