2008-05-09 – Abbey Pub – Torrent

Presidents of the United States of America
Abby Pub
Chicago, IL

SonyECM-MS957>Sony MZ-N707 MD>Tascam DR-07>Sound Forge>dBMusic Converter>Flac

1. Tiki God
2. Kitty
3. Rot in the Sun
4. Some Postman is Grooving
5. Boll Weevil
6. Ladybug
7. Love Everybody
8. Flame is Love
9. Dune Buggy
10. Mixed Up SOB
11. Back Porch
12. Lump
13. More Bad Times
14. Lunatic to Love
15. Ghosts Are Everywhere
16. Mach 5
17. Peaches
18. Kick Out the Jams
19. Video Killed the Radio Star
20. Volcano
21. Candy
22. We’re Not Going to Make it

Recorded from balcony right next to stage. Good sound. Great, fun performance.

Recorded by CAJUNJOE

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