Slow on presidential world…

…but there are some interesting new releases not to be missed

Starting with…

The Young Fresh Fellows – I Think This Is

Which features three tracks co-written by our very own Chris Ballew. Here is the track list and details:

01 The Guilty Ones (McCaughey)
02 Lamp Industries (Bloch)
03 Suck Machine Crater (McCaughey )
04 Betty Let the Good Times Crawl (Buck, McCaughey)
05 Never Turning Back Again (McCaughey)
06 New Day I Hate (Bloch)
07 Go Blue Angels Go (McCaughey)
08 Used to Think All Things Could Happen (Ballew, Hutchison)
09 Your Mexican Restaurant (Ballew, Hutchison, McCaughey)
10 Shake Your Magazines (Ballew, Hutchison, McCaughey)
11 After Suicide (McCaughey)
12 If You Believe in Cleveland (McCaughey)
13 Ballad of the Bootleg (McCaughey )

Another interesting release is upcoming Morphine album:

Morphine: At Your Service:

“A double-disc set of unreleased studio and live Morphine tracks called At Your Service will hit stores on October 6th to mark the 10-year anniversary of the death of frontman Mark Sandman. The band’s surviving members will perform a memorial gig at Cambridge, Massachusetts’ Pacific Park on September 27th.”


Disc One:

01 At Your Service
02 Come Over
03 Come Along
04 It’s Not Like That Anymore
05 Patience (Alternate Version)
06 Call Back
07 Bye Bye Johnny
08 Hello Baby
09 Women R Dogs
10 You’re An Artist (Alternate Version)
11 5:09
12 Lilah II
13 Moons Of Jupiter
14 Lunch In Hell
15 Imaginary Song (Alternate Version)
16 Shadow (I Know You Part V)

Disc Two:

01 Good (Live – WMBR ’92)
02 Only One (Live – WMBR ’92)
03 Shoot ‘Em Down (Live – WMBR ’92)
04 Saddest Song (Live – WMBR ’92)
05 Claire (Live – WMBR ’92)
06 I Had My Chance (Alternate Version)
07 Buena (Alternate Version)
08 Empty Box (Alternate Version)
09 All Wrong (Alternate Version)
10 Put It Down (Wo-Oh) (Live – WMBR ’93)
11 Free Love (Live – WMBR ’93)
12 Sexy Christmas Baby Mine (Live – WMBR ’93)
13 Scratch (Live -WMBR ’93)
14 Super Sex (Live -WMBR ’93)
15 Radar (Live – WMBR ’93)
16 I’d Catch You
17 The Night (Alternate Version)
18 Take Me With You (Alternate Version)
19 Shade (I Know You Part IV)

Last but not least….

New Caspar Babypants album is aimed for mid November:

I am getting feedback now from my test families and starting to select the songs for the next record! Kate and I sketched out the cover art this weekend at the cabin too so it is coming into focus. Hope to have it out mid November! songs that are getting high marks are “Dog Gone Gone Dog Gone” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Nine Ninety NIne”.

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