Woah! Subset audio evidence from 1999

Sometimes you can find old files from the Internet…that still exists!

Found this old gem from NPR’s (National Public Radio) website. It’s a Subset interview by Marcie Sillman (KUOW). Original airdate was November 06, 1999. It was in whopping 8kbps Real Audio 2.0 format… Oh, the 90’s, when Real Audio was shit (not the shit)… Now the latest version is Real Player 11, and it appears that the Real Player/Audio is still the same piece of shit. Luckily i managed to save the stream to MP3 format. (I have the original as FLAC too, but i doubt it’s worth sharing)

Enjoy listening
Subset – Interview MP3

Thanks to 8kbps stream, It sounds like the original broadcast was from the 50’s, and it doesn’t help that the broadcast starts out about talking 50’s hit Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley.