Subset (PUSA + Sir Mix-A-Lot + Outtasite) – 2000-03-31 – Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA – (AUD) – TORRENT

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Subset (Presidents Of The United States Of America + Sir Mix-A-Lot + Outtasite)

Date: 2000-03-31
Location: Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA

Source: Audience (DAT)
Lineage: CSB -> M1 -> CD-R -> EAC (secure mode) -> Flac

01 Something Wicked
02 Beach Rats
03 Addicted To Fame
04 Girl You Want (Devo Cover)
05 What The Hell
06 Movie Clip
07 Blood From A Stone
08 She Wants You
09 Skinning And Grinning
10 Cruising
11 Farmer John (Cover)
12 We Cant Stop Us
13 What Can I Lick
14 Ribby Rib
15 Baby Got Back (Sir Mix-A-Lot cover)

Sir Mix-A-Lot – Vocals
Chris Ballew – Vocals, Bass, Keyboard
Outtasite – Vocals
Dave Dederer – Guitar, Bass
Jason Finn – Drums


Here is how they sound (from a different show):

Subset – Skinnin’ & Grinnin’ (LIVE)

Subset – Farmer John (Live):