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The Presidents Of The United States Of America news:

More PUSAfest details has been revealed + new cool poster:

2011-02-18 pusafest - presidents of the usa poster

PUSAfest – Friday Feb 18 (21+) – SOLD OUT!

with guests “Spider” John Koerner and Black Whales

PUSAfest – Saturday Feb 19 (All Ages) – SOLD OUT!

with guests The Young Evils and Jonathan Coulton (aka JoCo)

PUSAfest – Sunday Feb 20 (All Ages)

with guests Steve Poltz (from Rugburns) and ???????

Pusabase notes: Clearly Chris Ballew has something to with Spider John Koerner (one of his fav artists) being there, Jason Finn has played many times with Paul & Storm, and they tour regularly with Jonathan Coulton (JoCo), Andrew Mckeag has toured with his bands Uncle Joe’s Big Ol Driver (San Diego), and others with Rugburns (San Diego) many times.

I would have guessed Paul & Storm to be at PUSAfest, when they announced Spider John Koerner, and my other guess would have been John Roderick (from The Long Winters), maybe he is the missing act on PUSAfest Night 3?

Official Presidents of the USA – Supersonics video has been added to Youtube:

If you are wondering where the live gig part has taken from….

and best of all. This performance was also video taped (30mins) by an audience member, and Pusabase has contacted the taper. Plan was to release this at 15th anniversary (Dec. 2010), but thanks to video deck not working, this project is postponed. Taper should be getting a new equipment for the transfer, and try it again later this year.

Presidential Axeology part 5 is now online. Featuring Chris Ballew’s 3-String Ukulele.

Check out for more details!

Make your own Caspar Babypants video – Sock Puppet Music Video Making!

Sock Puppet Music Video Making!
Sunday, Feb 13, 12–3pm
Instructor: Clyde Peterson
Tuition: $30
Max Attendance: 10
Appropriate for ages 8-12

We will build sock puppet characters, draw backgrounds, and shoot a music video for the new Casper Babypants album This Is Fun! CASPAR BABYPANTS is Chris Ballew from the Presidents of the United States of America making high quality, intelligent, simple acoustic music for kids and their parents to enjoy together. Bring socks, yarn, fabric, and anything you think your puppets might need. Some materials will be provided, including glue guns and scissors.

source: Northwest Film Forum

Caspar Babypants on Twitter:

“WOWOWOW!!! I have not done any tweety stuff for a long time…and now I am off to bed BUT the new Caspar album is coming together real nice!”

Chris told on The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl podcast that few tracks that might be on next Caspar Babypants album are Baa, Baa, Blacksheep (an English nursery rhyme), and Little Child (by The Beatles). More Caspar Babypants song details can be found from Caspar Babypants – Songography.

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