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Sidekick blog – Music, Games, movies, computer stuff….

Few months ago I launched a new blog called “Sidekick blog” it’s running on the domain, and it has all the stuff I have always wanted to blog about. New band recommendations, games, videos… I wanted to keep this blog purely PUSA related, and now I finally have a channel to share other topics too.

Some of the Sidekick blog highlights:

Lee Clayton – Outlaw Country Originator – Underrated country singer Lee Clayton. Maybe the longest article I have written.
Best of Finnish Bands – Part 1 – I have always wanted to share my list of Finnish bands I listen, or at least what I think should be known more widely.
More Great Finnish Bands – Part 2 – I’m trying to add more parts every now and then.
Bruce Springsteen and THE Guitar Solo – One of my heroes.

I have noticed that I have focused mostly about music, but I’m trying to add something about movies, games and computer stuff too… I’m currently working (as trainee) on a photo store. Fixing up photos, retouching wedding pics etc… For those who know me I’ve been doing those for years now. My old photo restoration “portfolio”

I’m happy to promote any bands etc. on my sidekick blog, and also any projects that my PUSA fellow fans are into. Shoot me with a message!

Thanks all!

Believe it or not, but this site does not write it self. 🙂

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