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Making of Freaked Out And Small

Remember back in the day when the Presidents were making the Freaked Out And Small album. There was whole behind the scenes section on Music Blitz website. All the episodes are still on Yahoo’s website, and you can watch ’em below:

FOAS – Episode 1:

FOAS – Episode 2:

FOAS – Episode 3:

FOAS – Episode 4:

FOAS – Episode 5:

If you want to see the whole thing. Your only option is pretty much to get the Freaked Out And Small tab book, which has a bonus DVD featuring the whole documentary and “World Tour” concert. I think the TAB book is OOP (Out-Of-Print), but with good luck you can still get it from Amazon, or Ebay. Just make sure it has the bonus DVD!

Tab book has plently of interesting stuff too. Chris & Dave talks about making each song + there are plenty of photos you (most likely) haven’t seen before.

Maybe one day this will be re-released…

Where to get FOAS tab book?

Check out Amazon & Ebay

From the archives: Official Press Release:


Series to Air in Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Omaha, Seattle and Other U.S. Cities Prior to New Album Coming Out on September 12th

Los Angeles, CA- August 14, 2000 – MUSICBLITZ, a leading developer of exclusive music and targeted music brands that extend across Internet, radio, film, concert tours, and online/offline retail
channels, is further expanding its distribution reach through broadcast and cable television and rewriting the rules of music video promotion.

The company, which recently signed an album deal with the multi-platinum band the Presidents of the United States of America, is syndicating an episodic music series that is tied to the Sept. 12
release of the group’s new album “Freaked Out And Small.” In advance of a “traditional” music video, regional and cable broadcast outlets are being serviced with a five-part, reality-based series documenting the recording of the band’s first new album in four years. The pre-packaged four-minute vignettes can be programmed as standalone “music videos” or tied together as one long-form specialty music program.

MUSICBLITZ’s cable and broadcast television syndication is another example of the company’s innovative strategy to build awareness for its exclusive content and its genre-specific brands by using a
variety of distribution channels.

“Television – even such music-oriented channels as MTV – are overrun with reality-based series today, and it’s tough to get a standard music video noticed,” said MUSICBLITZ producer Deborah Russell.
“So we decided to offer up some reality-based programming that serves an actual purpose: to take fans inside the recording studio, present a rare glimpse of an incredibly talented band in action, and unveil a collection of tracks from the album versus a `traditional’ music clip for the single.”

Designed as a light-hearted and voyeuristic peek into the recording process, the five-part series opens with a stage-setting introduction to the reunion of Presidents Dave Dederer, Chris Ballew and Jason Finn. As they enter Jupiter Studios in Seattle with producer Martin Feveyear, the group reveals the motivation behind their break from Sony and the decision to regroup with MUSICBLITZ.

The subsequent four episodes – each the length of a traditional music video – chronicle the recording of individual tunes from “Freaked Out And Small.” The featured songs include “I’m Mad”
(featuring Guns N’ Roses’ Duff McKagan on bass), “Death Star” (a “lounge song” inspired by “Star Wars”), “Nuthin’ But Love,” and “Meanwhile Back In The City.” Music and interview sequences take the viewer through the entire recording process, including demo playbacks, quick tutorials, the actual recording, and the final cut.

“We shot these videos in the studio because we thought that it would be a nice treat for our fans and a cool way to bring them closer to this project.” said Dave Dederer from The Presidents. “I
would have loved to see something like this when Lou Reed or XTC made their most recent records. What else could be more fun than watching your favorite band creating something new? The making of an album is typically hidden from the masses and it is part of the creative process that fans never get to see.”

The music-driven vignettes serve as a worthy substitute for an in- studio appearance at regional video shows, note programmers who’ve embraced the series. “We are big fans of this band, and
they’ve co-hosted our show in the past,” said Chicago-based programmer Armando Zapata, whose JBTV reaches some 5 million households in the Chicago area via broadcast and cable. “This series is a nice alternative to a standard music video and offers our viewers the kind of access to the group they otherwise wouldn’t have.”

The Presidents of the United States of America documentary will be available to more than 15 million households in selected U.S. markets beginning August 15. In addition to JBTV, some of the outlets that are carrying the programming include RawTime in Austin, TX; ROV in Los Angeles and Orange County; EyeCandy in King County (Seattle); and Secondary Emissions in Omaha, NB.

A music video for the single “Tiny Explosions” will be serviced to programmers in conjunction with the single’s late August release to radio.

In addition to the documentary video for broadcast, The Presidents also worked with MUSICBLITZ on a Fan Edition package for their most die-hard fans. Included in Fan Edition are exclusive band diaries, in-studio photos, a limited-edition lithograph and sneak preview MP3 song downloads. The first 500 fans to sign up for the Fan Edition online and pre-purchase “Freaked Out and Small” will be recognized in the album liner notes.

Here is one of the best interviews from the FOAS ‘era:
Coming Back at Ya Like Grover Cleveland’s Second Term: The Slight Return of The Presidents of the United States of America by Julio Diaz

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