Rarity of the day series – Rare PUSA tracks

Remember the rarity of the day series?

I got a request about putting up all the rarities into one blog post. If you missed the series back in 2010, here’s your chance to hear some rare songs or versions you haven’t heard before (99,9% sure).

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2010 Rarity of the day series – Presidents of the USA tracks:

Rarity Of The Day #01 – Farmer John (Subset)
Rarity Of The Day #02 – Phenomenon (LL Cool J cover)
Rarity Of The Day #03 – Honky Tonk Masquerade (Joe Ely cover)
Rarity Of The Day #04 – Lump
Rarity Of The Day #05 – You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC cover)
Rarity Of The Day #06 – Jilted On The Tarmac
Rarity Of The Day #07 – Devil In A Sleeping Bag (Willie Nelson cover)
Rarity Of The Day #08 – This Is What Jazz Means To Me (Morphine cover)
Rarity Of The Day #09 – Jennifer’s Jacket (PUSA)
Rarity Of The Day #10 – F*ck California (PUSA)
Rarity Of The Day #11 – More Bad Times (PUSA)
Rarity Of The Day #12 – Deleter (PUSA)
Rarity Of The Day #13 – Ca Plane Pour Moi (Cover)
Rarity Of The Day #14 – Thursday (Morphine cover)
Rarity Of The Day #15 – Puffy Little Shoes (Acoustic) (PUSA)
Rarity Of The Day #16 – Christmas Time Is Here (Chris Ballew)
Rarity Of The Day #17 – Bath Of Fire – Acoustic (PUSA)
Rarity Of The Day #18 – Tremolo Blooz (PUSA)
Rarity Of The Day #19 – Froggie – Moving In (PUSA)
Rarity Of The Day #20 – Wierd Al – Demo (Chris Ballew)
Rarity Of The Day ### – Rare *bonus track #1*
Rarity Of The Day ### – Rare *bonus track #2*

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Lyrics: There are still plenty of side projects and some PUSA songs missing lyrics.

Pre-PUSA details: did you see them before the PUSA fame? Remember to check out 1975-1992 concert details!

Videos: VHS (PAL), DVD, Digital Camera video files (complete songs).

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