Presidents of the USA weekly news – Interviews, Dave Dederer, Caspar Babypants

Collection of PUSA news:


I’ve been busy with the Presidents of the USA tour specials. That’s why my Caspar Babypants “Hot Dog!” review is postponed. BUT I’ve been collecting some PUSA news while searching all the PUSA tour details, and here are the highlights:

Let’s start with some interviews: It’s Jason’s turn to answer all those questions. Looks like whenever they are in Europe, Jason is handling the press stuff. 🙂

“John Balfe talked to drummer Jason Finn about this, his impression of St. Patrick’s Day and if they ever plan to release another album.”

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Another PUSA / Jason Finn interview:

“I chatted with drummer Jason Finn earlier today. The band is approaching the end of the tour and I caught him after a day off as they were on the road to Eindhoven (having already toured much of the UK). He was chowing down on a bowl of muesli as I chatted to him.

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Blog post about “Airports tuning their soundtracks:

“Sea-Tac’s new soundtrack also extends to the welcome and safety messages heard inside the airport, with many notable Northwest musicians, including Sir Mix-a-Lot and Chris Ballew, of the Presidents of the United States of America , voicing short announcements.”

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Anyone heard the Chris Ballew one?

Some great photos of Caspar Babypants (Chris Ballew) I’ve found via Bing. Photos are from 2010, but I don’t think I have posted about this previously:

Photographing a A Real Life Action Figure, a Guy Who Sings About a Girl Named Lump, and The Biggest Beet I’ve Ever Seen

Caspar Babypants concert review:

Babypants rocks their preschool socks off at Northgate center

Dave Dederer at the Geekwire Summit:

Video: Rock star Dave Dederer at the GeekWire Summit

GeekWire Summit final details: Special guest and party tickets

GeekWire Summit: How to stay innovative in a world of technological change – Photo Gallery

GeekWire Radio: Kindle’s impact, the new iPad, and how Clipboard is capturing the web

Chris Ballew – Mobile Future video:

I might have posted this previously, but it might have been without the video???

One cool cover found from Youtube. Nice to see Back Porch covered!:

The Big Idea – Back Porch (Presidents of the United States of America Cover) [HD]

Contact me, if you have got PUSA news, or other related stuff, or not related to the related stuff

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