Free compilation album from Outtasite

Outtasite Features Rarities & Clearance Issues – Volume 1

Outtasite (from Subset, Sir Mix-A-Lot, The Feelings Hijackers) has released free compilation album called “Outtasite Features Rarities & Clearance Issues – Volume 1”. Check it out!:


This was a freebie MP3 album given in 2012. The source page is now down.


1. Intro

2. The Movie Clip (Outtasite)

3. Odd Ones (The Feelings Hijackers)

4. Until The Day You Die (Abney Park feat. Outtasite)

5. Urban Legend (Outtasite)

6. Get It On V1 (The Rush Project feat. Outtasite

7. Goin All Out (DJ Funk Daddy feat. Outtasite)

8. Orion (Peratus feat Outtasite)

9. Sue Me (Instrumental)

Spoiler: It has something for the Subset fans. 😉

original source:

Where to get it?

Download (Use Slow Download)


Why Rapidgator link? I use a site guitars101 and it has tons of bootlegs, and Rapidgator premium is a must for people who download a lot. Also the Pusabase domain has used all the webhosting space already. 🙂

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