Presidents of the USA News – European tour, videos and more!

The Presidents of the USA – 2013 European Tour, Youtube videos, Caspar Babypants and more

Presidents of the USA - PUSA 2012 Promo

Here’s a quick collection of what is happen in the PUSA world:

PUSA: European Tour 2013:

Jason Finn (from the Presidents of the USA) revealed some of the upcoming European tour dates today. Two shows confirmed:

2013-07-06 – Tivoli, Oudegracht, Utrecht, Netherlands
2013-07-07 – Parkstad Limburg Theaters, LIMBURGzaal, Heerlen, Netherlands

“I’m afraid they will probably be the only European ones this year, although I do get to announce a BRITISH FESTIVAL of some note soon. So……I’m going to bed, but THESE GO ONSALE 9AM ON THE 20TH WHICH IS IN LIKE AN HOUR!” –

See the complete 2013 Tour list.

Pusafest 2013 Specials:

The Presidents played three Pusafest special shows, and checkout the traditional Pusabase special (including setlists, videos, photos, posters, press etc.) of each concert:

2013-02-15 – Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR, USA

2013-02-16 – Showbox at the Market, Seattle, WA, USA

2013-02-17 – Showbox at the Market, Seattle, WA, USA

Presidents of the USA – Epiphone Commercial

Chris Ballew and Andrew McKeag can be seen on the Epiphone 140th Anniversary video:

Caspar Babypants (Chris Ballew) – I Found You! Review

Shame on me, but I still haven’t listened the latest Caspar Babypants album (I got it in advance, and I feel bad that I didn’t do much promotion on my part).

Anyways. See the album review of “I Found You!” at

PUSA Vinyls!

You know records, LP’s, those large plastic circular thingies. They were cool, uncool, and now cool again:

“we’ll be in touch again soon, because we are going to try some cool stuff this year, like VINYL FRIGGEN RECORDS and stuff….”

New song! Finger Monster!

From the mid 90’s recording sessions, unreleased PUSA song called “Finger Monster” got played at the Pusafest 2013:

Song starts at 2:45.

Presidents of the USA – 2006-05-24 Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherland VIDEO:

Once again I feel bad for not sharing this concert recording earlier. Thankfully the Youtube now allows videos longer than 15minutes. Here’s the whole Presidents of the USA Paradiso concert from 2006! I know it’s not the typical 1080p super-hyper-quality I tend to upload. I had the original Flash download on my HD, and just uploaded as it is! I might come back with edited higher definition version… Enjoy this 360p while waiting. (but don’t hold your breath!)

Video: 2006-05-24 – Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherland

Video Killed the Radio Star / Tiki Lounge God / Kitty / Highway Forever / Boll Weevil / Improvisation (Working On My Drumset) Feather Pluckn / Lump / Zero Friction / Froggy / Munky River / Volcano / Some Postman / Dune Buggy / Mach 5 / Back Porch / Peaches / Kick Out the Jams / Jennifer’s Jacket / Love Everybody / Candy / We Are Not Going to Make It

Chris Ballew (PUSA, Caspar Babypants) Discusses Video Content | Anchor Line

The Presidents Of The United States Of America – Ghosts Are Everywhere (Full Band Cover)

Not the typical choice for the cover. I like it:

Hey Geronimo – Pizzas (live) – Peaches cover:

My Own Private Plebeian Breaker – Kitty (The Presidents of the United States of America)

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