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February 15, 2014
Seattle, WA, USA
Showbox at the Market (PUSAFEST 2014)

This was the 2nd of 4 shows for PUSAFEST this year. My recording of the 3rd, all-acoustic show is already up here.

I ended up with tickets to this sold-out show at the last minute, and it was a good time. These guys are always fun live.

1. (intro)
2. Kick Out The Jams
3. Kitty
4. Poor Little Me
5. Volcano
6. Some Postman
7. Slow Slow Fly
8. Boll Weevil
9. Ghosts Are Everywhere
10. Good Morning Tycoon
11. Lump
12. More Bad Times
13. Tiki God
14. Crown Victoria (with John Roderick)
15. New Girl (Long Winters cover) (with John Roderick)
16. Back Porch
17. Dune Buggy
18. Finger Monster
19. Munky River
20. Ladybug
21. (talk)
22. She’s A Nurse
23. Candy
24. Mach 5
25. Peaches
26. (encore break)
27. We Are The Champions / We Will Rock You (Queen covers) (snippets)
28. Innocent Bird
29. Video Killed The Radio Star
30. Kick Out The Jams

1 hour, 40 minutes, 17 seconds

Zoom H2–>WAV–>Audacity to raise volume smooth out sound–>CD Wave for track splitting–>you guys

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