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Kitty video from MTV’s Carved In Rock Special

The Presidents of the USA – Kitty (Live) 1996-02-17 – MTV Carved in Rock, Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota Chris Ballew (Vocals, Basitar), Dave Dederer (Guitbass, Vocals) / Jason Finn (Drums) Carved in Rock MTV special was aired on President’s Day Feb. 19, 1996 Video details: Taken from 5 song PUSA VHS promo reel. Too bad

Funky Boll Weevil cover

“Funky White Monkey perform their cover of “Boll Weevil” by the Presidents of the USA live at Smiley’s Acoustic Cafe in Greenville, SC.” Another fine example how you can make a cool cover, add something own to it! This one is even funkier than the original + cool guitar & bass parts. I agree with

PUSA – Monkey River live from 1995! (KCMU Radio)

The Presidents Of The United States Of America (PUSA) ?1995-07-08 – KCMU Radio (now KEXP), Seattle, WA Earliest circulating version of Monkey River (aka monky river), next “bootlegged” version is from 2004! Notes about the video/audio: – I posted this video earlier on Facebook, but for some reason last few seconds got cut. Enjoy the