Elvis Presley Memphis 1974 Video Restoration

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Elvis Presley – Let Me Be There (Live Memphis 1974) – Video Restoration Process

Once again it’s been a way too long since my last video. Let’s edit some Elvis footage shall we? First of all, I’m not in the Elvis bootleg world. For the last few weeks I have tried to find some Elvis footage I can edit. I don’t know what the best sources quality wise are (both best sound & video). Nothing is more annoying than spending weeks on editing material, and then finding out there is actually a better source available! Happened way too many times. That’s one of the reasons why my channel doesn’t have many videos.

Original source for the Let Me Be There (Live Memphis 1974) restoration, is the Star DVD release “Meet Me In Memphis”, which has 90% of material from the Memphis show. Let Me Be There has footage from other concerts (as seen from the photo below)

What did I do with the footage?

  • Original is sourced from a 8mm film, and it looked like a slideshow. I added more frames using AI. Footage is now much more smoother. It’s not perfect but it’s better.
  • Upscaled to 4K. Best way to view this video is by selecting 4K from the Youtube options. You don’t need a 4K monitor or a TV to see the difference. It’s a bit sharpen now. 
  • Color corrected the footage. Some of the clips had too much magenta or green. Now the changes between camera angles are much more natural. I didn’t want to give a color boost, because I prefer the film look with this one. Trying to stay true to the original.
  • Stabilized video. It’s less shaky. Of course this means the video is slight zoomed at parts, but it’s now more pleasant to look
  • Audio is slightly edited. Original source was a bit too harsh. Should sound a little smoother now. 
  • Software used: Hitfilm Pro, Topaz Video Enhance AI, StaxRip, Reaper

It took two days to edit this one song. I don’t have the complete concert done, and it’s very unlikely that I will do the complete show. Why? I do this as a hobby. I have a job that pretty much prevents any free time. Due travel and job hours.

If you have any high quality Elvis footage. Please let me know! Contact me on Facebook (Pure Frosting HD archives)

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