Bruce Springsteen – Who Do You Love? – She’s The One 4K

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Bruce Springsteen – Who Do You Love – She’s The One – 1988-07-25 Københavns Idrætspark, Copenhagen, Denmark

Oh no! Another Springsteen video…Well…It’s a good one!

My previous Bruce Springsteen upload gained a nice audience, and I thought I’d do a quick take on the Copenhagen show from 1988. ..What a nightmare it turned out to be.

I processed the whole video three times, and finally got the full show to 4k. Just to notice that it wasn’t smooth. :( it was acceptable in SD resolution, but far from perfect in 4K. Deinterlacing didn’t help, so finally detelecine made it better. Original source was PAL or FILM (25FPS or 23.97FPS), but the DVD is in NTSC format (29.97FPS). To be honest, Detelecine, frame rates etc. are not really my thing.

So what I did was I made it detelecine to 23.97, and then changed the framerate to 60FPS using Chronos model on Topaz Video Enhance AI (first time ever needed to do this). Now the speed and movement got more natural. Problem with 60FPS video is that it takes over double the time. Also adding a few extra steps multiples this even more. This project had absolutely no sense at this point. I didn’t want to scrap the whole project, and the only only option IMO was just to render one song. Who Do You Love – She’s the One, which has been one of my favorites for a long time.

Next step. The audio. Original is perfectly fine. But for me it’s dry and boring. I’ve learned some nice tricks over the last 20 years, and I manage to get each instrument and audience to where I wanted. Now it’s roomy, but still tight and has many layers. I’m pretty sure things I do are far from the traditional methods, but it works for me. Last touch was to use the EQ profile from the official Nugs release from 1988, Stockholm, Sweden. I tried EQ matching from other official shows from 1988, but this was by far the best. When you start dancing around your house like a fool and grinning, that’s when you know you got the right setting. I hope you like it too. 

Last step was combining the audio and video and adding the last video filters. Oh, and removing the annoying timer on the bottom. There are two ways. Crop or use tools that blurs the time code away. Crop is still the only way to go.

Hell…This is after all a bootleg DVD, and just one track. I won’t be doing more.

Oh, and I’ve got a copyright strike from that GNR Ritz show. Luckily I only did one track. Otherwise my YouTube channel would have been taken down.

Lesson learned. No GNR, Jimi Hendrix, Eagles, CCR, John Fogerty… I’m sure these will find the audience somewhere else. YouTube money is not good for them. VHS and 8-tracks are back soon.