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  1. Hi there,

    i can see you are really into the iherb reward program and i really admire the work you have done so far. it looks like you really figured it out.

    Anyway, im a Danish guy who recently started up the same idea but its really hard to get started. i have a website and stuff but its not yet done.

    i was wondering if you would be willing to help me to get going and share some of the knowledge you have in this program.

    i am not looking to steal your referals but just get going.

    really hope to hear from you,


    1. I wish I could give you some tips. There’s no tracking for the iHerb coupon code. I have no idea, if this blog has any impact. If this would really work, I’d blog more often. At least I get my website hosting paid. If you have time and passion, you could make 50-100$ month.

      I try to follow all the iherb rules, and when I’m not sure, I’ll ask from the iHerb rewards team.

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  3. Hi
    I’ve read your article about dealing with content theft, that is horrible, and I know how you feel. as I am dealing with this issue
    did iherb act towards the person you reported? I am dealing with content theft myself but I don’t want to waste time reporting to iherb if they wont do anything about it.
    great site btw!

    1. Contacting iHerb didn’t help much. They’ve just said I should use promo code on photos etc., but…. it’s Wild Wild Web, and people just do whatever they want. People take photos, text etc. from my blog everyday, but that’s just life.

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