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What Happened to the Internet?

I might be alone with this post, but I kinda miss the information filled Internet.  I tried recently to find a site about unofficial Neil Young recordings, but I didn’t find any. I’m sure there are great sites out there, but no luck so far. This got me thinking. These days, if you want to find deeper info about any site, you’ll have to know the sites previously. Google doesn’t help at all. It’s become a rare thing to find a rabbit hole. Site that makes you go wow! 

My main site has been out of reach for years, because it doesn’t have fresh content! It’s hard to provide fresh content when the site is based on a band that is not active anymore. Should I just spam the website to stay on the top?

Most of my visitors come to this “personal blog”, rather than to my main site that I’ve spent thousands of hours making. Why? because Google still gives a little love to blogs, and as for my main site, it rarely gets any visitors, even though it’s an encyclopedia of Presidents of the USA (Rock Band). I know it’s a niche site, but if you find the site with Google these days…Well done!

Google no longer cares about the info that your site has. Highest ranked sites are like quick snacks.  Let’s say I Google up something. I rarely found a website or a blog that I didn’t know about previously. It’s all the same, and it’s dead boring. I got an idea how to improve it (I’m sure the Google staff reads my blog). Use search results 1-5 the current way and results 6-10 more random. If Google wants you to produce fresh content, why don’t they provide fresh search results?

For me the Internet has been dead and buried for the last 15 years. In the golden age of the Internet (late 90’s to early 00’s) you could find all sorts of interesting sites, and the websites had a link collection that led to other great sites. Of course all these info filled sites are now gone. It’s not worth the time and money to keep updating a site that has maybe 5-10 visitors per day. I know I have spent a hefty amount of money keeping my site running. Don’t worry. I keep the site running as long as I’m alive and well! Yep, I have buried some sites that had plenty of info that other sites didn’t have. I had to cut down the costs. Pusabase is here to stay. Maybe one day I will write a blog post about how I gathered all the info that my webpage has.

Just a few weeks ago I stumbled upon on this interview: “Interview with Chris Ballew by Rick V.” 

I have to say it felt good that your musical hero name dropped your site. That’s like the ultimate review you can get. Who is this Chris Ballew? Lead singer of the Presidents of the United States of America (PUSA as we fans call it), younger generation might know Chris as Caspar Babypants. 

Google doesn’t rank my site, or even index the new content these days. My site is not hip. I don’t have flashy designs, large pictures, or a fresh daily content. It’s an ultra lightweight encyclopedia, why turn it into something that it isn’t?  If something happens to me. The site lives on. No need to worry about corrupted databases. I keep updating the site with a Notepad (Windows). Code is so simple that a trained monkey could update it. 

Maybe the site would get more visitors, if I would build it around WordPress. But I don’t want to. Site becomes slower and if the database dies, it’s hard to bring back the info. Who would start over? Pusabase is a dying star. A white dwarf headed for a black hole… 

Social media has taken over the  user discussion. There are only a handful of real discussion boards. When you go to social media, all you get these days are memes, emojis and photos. Facebook groups are good up to a certain point. Once the group had thousands of members. The same questions get asked day after day. These days I have most of the Facebook groups hidden. I of course have plenty of ideas how to fix that garbage (and other social media), but I’m not young and naive anymore. I’d like to get paid for my ideas. 

Wikipedia is cool, but it’s like a movie teaser. You want to know more, but it’s a mess, if you want to dig deeper, and when you want to dig deeper. You go back to Google. The same Circle begins. 

It finally happened. I’ve finally become a grumpy old man. Just like with music. I want the good old days back. The Internet was much better before social media and Google. It’s not because I want my page to shine again, it’s because I want all the cool websites back again, not the caricature versions they turned into. Who wants to make websites as a hobby, when you have a TikTok? No one.

PS. I finally updated the Pusabase – Click here for a fresh new look & updates!

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