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If You Share Concert Videos on Your YouTube Channel(s) –  This is Something You Need to Know

I’m a huge music fan. I love to share old “rare” VHS concert videos on my YouTube channels…Well, I used to. I’m not gonna share the names of my YouTube channels or link to them. Why? Because of fake copyright claims.

This year I have gotten two copyright strikes on one of my channels. Each time before I submit a video, I will check if there is the same video available on YouTube already (in lower quality). So I know it’s “safe” to upload it. Also during the upload process YouTube checks if the copyright owner allows the video to be uploaded. Almost every time the copyright owner allows the content, if the copyright owner gets all the ad revenue from the video. That is perfectly fine for me. Copyright owner should get their money. Even though I have invested thousands of dollars on both software and equipment to get the best possible quality out of these videos. I recently bought more gear, but those are still left unopened.  

Now I have stopped uploading videos. Why? If I got one more copyright strike. All my channels will be removed. Yes! Every one of them. Some of my channels have been online for 15 years without any problems. They are all linked for an easier use.

The worst part is: Those copyright “claims” have come from people who don’t even own the copyright! One is a collector, and one is a bootleg seller. So, I’m hurting a bootleg business with my videos. Rightful copyright owners no longer get ad revenue thanks to videos getting removed by people who don’t even own the copyright.

Can I do anything? Absolutely. I can do a copyright dispute… but the funny part is, that I can only do it, if I own the copyright myself. There is no way to report fake copyright claimants. I asked about this on YouTube support. They can’t help. 

Me: “So basically I can start making claims too and people will lose their channel?”

YouTube: “I’m afraid I cannot answer that question right away.”

Me: “See the problem here? There is no option to report a false claim and I feel it’s wrong. I haven’t done anything wrong. The other side has.” 

YouTube: “I understand where you’re coming from. As much as I would want to help, we do not intervene with such claims on videos.”

I’m a cool Big Lebowski style introvert and I rarely get heated up, but this time I did, because there is a high risk that I will lose my work I’ve done for the past 15 years. Spending thousands of hours creating content.

After this, I discovered that you can transfer your channel to another YouTube account. Basically you need to open a new gmail account to each of your channels. Then it takes 7 days to transfer the ownership. I did this to the channel that has two copyright strikes. It takes 90 days for a copyright strike to disappear. Problem with fresh accounts is that they have limitations with videos. 

If you have multiple channels, make sure that those aren’t connected to the same account. You can lose everything in one day. And YES. If you are having a bad day you can start taking down concert video channels (that are run by regular users). 

Some people say that I shouldn’t upload anything copyrighted material. Where else would people go to watch some great old concert videos? I think YouTube is a great place to share concert videos that will never see the light of day. Rightful copyright owners get money from each video. Back in the day people bought bootlegs and the copyright owners didn’t get any money. YouTube pretty much killed the bootleg business, and it’s a good thing. It’s a bad thing that anyone can start taking down videos that they don’t own.

YouTube has a huge problem to solve.