Jimi Hendrix: Sweden 1969 – 4K AI Upscale

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – January 9, 1969, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden – Pro-Shot Full Show – 4K AI Upscaling It’s time for the first full concert upscale. Why not start with one of the best? Jimi Hendrix! Black and White footage from Stockholm, Sweden. Impressive video from 1969 to begin with. It’s 1st gen SVHS and after the 4K AI

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Led Zeppelin Videos AI Enhanced

AI Upscaling Will Change The Future of Bootlegs… AI (Artificial intelligence) is a game changer when it comes to “bootleg” videos. There’s no reason to edit old videos without it anymore. Results are sometimes simply stunning. Downside is…You need a powerful computer to run it. When I mean powerful, even the fastest PCs are too slow. It’s that heavy. Even

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Bruce Springsteen Movie Posters

I’m on a vacation. I bought the Adobe Cloud bundle just to…ehh..Do something creative with it.  I’m still saving for a new PC to get the videos on my YouTube channel(s) going….Anyways. Enjoy? Sylvester Stallone – Cobra:  Ryan Gosling – Drive Tom Hardy – Venom Sylvester Stallone – Rambo Jack Nicholson – Shining   Support My Blog: iHerb Coupon YUY952

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Topab Labs Gigapixel AI Review (VIDEO)

Getting More Details Out of Old Bruce Springsteen Photos Few months ago I started a new Youtube channel focusing on uploading the best possible videos for music fans to enjoy. Channel is called Pure Frosting HD Archives. I now have another YouTube channel simply called Pure Frosting. I will upload behind the scenes, and other videos to this channel, and

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3 Times the Presidents Were Early Adopters

Corona blues has gotten me. I’m bored! So, why not make a new article about my favorite band? 3 Times the Presidents Were Early Adopters…Go! Crowdfunding: After the Napster fell down. There was a big need for a new online music service. This time for a legal one. Startups looking for big bucks sprung up like mushrooms in late 90’s.

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