Sir Mix-A-Lot – Addicted To Fame….

Q&A With Sir Mix-A-Lot – Magnet Magazine
I found this interview when checking out latest blogs on Seattle Weekly (Reverb) I’m mostly reading it because of Duff’s blog posts. That man can blog!

There is still hope for an official Subset release?

We hit the studio and did some of the best PUSA & Mix-A-Lot stuff to never be heard. Hopefully one day it will.

And Addicted To Fame is getting yet another version?

By “Addicted To The Fame” (a song on my next project),

On side note: Many people come to to seek info about the Subset. I was kinda surprised about it….after all, Subset never released anything officially (12″ Addicted To Fame promo…i don’t count it as a real release), and yet…after ten years, people want to find more info about it. There must be something magical about the whole Subset thing, and I think Mix has finally noticed it too… I still can’t believe that they let the whole thing fall apart.