The Presidents Of The USA (PUSA) – Modern Rock Live 1996 – Download!

The Presidents Of The USA – Modern Rock Live 1996

From PUSA Yahoo Groups:

“The Presidents of the United States of America perform live on the Modern Rock Live radio program January 7, 1996. No dialogue exists on this copy of the show, only the songs performed live.

01 – Video Killed the Radio Star
02 – Lunatic to Love
03 – Mach 5
04 – Back Porch
05 – Twig
06 – Feel Like Makin’ Love/Peaches
bonus tracks
07 – Stanford Marching Band – Lump
08 – Wesley Willis – The Presidents of the USA

A notable show in that the set was peppered with new tracks (Mach 5, Lunatic to Love) that were otherwise concert-only at the time. The bonus tracks appeared within the broadcast apparently – I have sequenced them to the end to preserve maximum rock. The Wesley Willis song has not appeared elsewhere to my knowledge – sounds as though it’s live, sourced from a professional soundboard.

Sourced from 2nd generation (?) dub of FM broadcast. Part of a tape trade in 1996. Transferred & uploaded October, 2010 – clean-up (normalizing, minimal edits) makes it sound much better than the original source.

Do you have the interview sections of this show, or perhaps a more complete first-generation tape of this broadcast? Upload it! It’s free!!



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