Presidents of the USA working with Sir Mix-A-Lot + New Songs

The Presidents of the USA recording new songs. Also recording new SUbSET material with Seattle rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot! New PUSA and Subset tracks to be released!


The Presidents are back! They are recording new songs at the Jupiter Studios in Seattle, WA! That’s not all. Subset has been resurrected from the ashes, and the long wait (13 years!) will be be over soon. According to Sir Mix-A-Lot twitter messages, they are working with a new material? Or just re-recording the tracks they have. (see the picture above)

Sir Mix-A-Lot + Presidents of the USA = SUbSET

“We’ll also be working on a new webstore, with shirts and whatnot, and before too long we’ll start “dropping” long-awaited VINYL! That’s right, in the next year there will be fat LPs of everything! Maybe we’ll mix human blood into the Vinyl! That’s a thing, right? I heard that was a thing.” – Jason Finn

There will be totally new PUSA tracks too! Here’s a video of Presidents re-recording unreleased track from 1996 called “Finger Monster”:

another clip:

Live version:

Some other clips from the new recording sessions:

Short video clip about recording the new song(s) (sheets for more than one song?)

Short clip about Jason Finn doing over dubs: (you can hear the song faintly in background)

“Chris explains his heavy studio chops.”:

I only got the Vine videos working with Google Chrome. Apparently there’s a bug within the Firefox software.

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Subset – Sir Mix-Alot + PUSA:

Addicted To The Fame (2000)

Subset = Sir Mix-A-Lot + The Presidents of the USA. This track (Addicted To The Fame) was given away for free back in 2000 by Musicblitz (webmasters were asked to share this). 13 years later there is still no official Subset release. Only rare 12″ promo vinyl called Jupiter (Presidents) / Addicted To The Fame (Subset)… (try Ebay)

Skinnin’ & Grinnin’ (live)

Sir Mix-A-Lot – Vocals
Chris Ballew – Vocals, Bass, Keyboard
Dave Dederer – Guitar, Bass
Jason Finn – Drums

More about Subset (Presidents of the USA + Sir Mix-A-Lot):


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