Presidents of the USA 2014-02-16 (early show) – PUSAfest Torrent

PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (full acoustic set) – February 16, 2014 – Seattle, WA @ the Triple Door (PUSAFEST 2014, show 3 of 4)

What a lucky day. Not only the Pusafest 2014 acoustic (early) show at the Triple Door was taped, but also there is a full video of this concert available! Check out the issaquahwa’s youtube channel for more videos.

I used video from Youtube (by Issaquahwa) and the new audio source and clued them together. Some remastering was done to the audio track. Enjoy the dubbed version of “Sunshine”, which was performed for the second time? (First time was at the Paramount Theatre in 2010).

You can download the full audio show from the Dimeadozen website:

February 16, 2014 (early show)
Seattle, WA, USA
The Triple Door (PUSAFEST 2014)

This was the 3rd of 4 shows for PUSAFEST this year, with the final show being later this night, and it sounds like this was their first full acoustic show ever. They’re also pretty sure “Sunshine” is being played for the first time. The show was a bunch of fun. I went to the electric show at the Showbox the night before, too, so that’ll be up sometime.

I think it sounds pretty good. Samples below.

1. (intro)
2. Love Everybody
3. Slow Slow Fly
4. Sharpen Up Those Fangs
5. Kitty
6. More Bad Times
7. Crown Victoria
8. Lump
9. Highway Forever
10. Tiki Lounge God
11. Innocent Bird
12. Sunshine (likely live debut)
13. Dune Buggy
14. Poor Little Me
15. Munky River
16. Deleter
17. Candy
18. Bath Of Fire / Movin’ On Up (snippet)
19. Naked And Famous / Black Hole Sun (snippet)
20. Back Porch / Movin’ On Up (snippet)
21. Peaches
22. Kick Out The Jams

1 hour, 24 minutes, 29 seconds

Zoom H2–>WAV–>Audacity to raise volume smooth out sound–>CD Wave for track splitting–>you guys

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