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PUSA related Blu-ray releases

I’m a big fan of Blu-ray releases, and I thought it’s time to list some of the upcoming cool Blu-ray releases.. Buying from Amazon links is also a cool way to support Pusabase.com. πŸ™‚ 1. Nirvana – Live At The Paramount (Blu-ray) Seattle, Grunge, Nirvana….Do I need to say more? I know there is a

The Presidents are mildly retarded

And they didn’t get into the guest list The Presidents of the USA (Chris Ballew and Andrew Mckeag) were on Marty Riemer show few days ago, and it’s one of those podcast you need to listen. The Presidents talk about the upcoming Bumbershoot festival, and about touring, Seattle music, Adele, new Caspar Babypants record with