Jimi Hendrix: Sweden 1969 – 4K AI Upscale

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – January 9, 1969, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden – Pro-Shot Full Show – 4K AI Upscaling It’s time for the first full concert upscale. Why not start with one of the best? Jimi Hendrix! Black and White footage from Stockholm, Sweden. Impressive video from 1969 to begin with. It’s 1st gen SVHS and after the 4K AI

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THE BAND – November 1st 1970 (Video Upgrade)

New Video Uploaded! THE BAND – November 1st 1970 – The Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania New video upgrade available. How does this upload compare to the previous version on Youtube? Colors have been tuned. so the band members don’t look like they have been taken from the Simpsons. (No yellow/green tint). Video is less dark, and the audio has more

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My First Real Headphones – GRADO SR80

Review of Grado SR80’s – 25 Years Later I’m a bit skeptical about reviews I read from tech sites these days. Usually they get the products either for free, or the test period is just too short to get everything down, and sometimes those “reviews” are closer to a marketing brochure.  Let me tell you something about my headphones. I’m

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